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Time: Depends on Amount of Vehicle Covered
Durability: 5 Years
We chose to use Suntek urethane films for the vehicles of our customers to protect them from rock chips, swirl marks, bug acid etching, bird stains, and certain types of vandalism. Paint protection film is virtually impossible to see after our installation.

Full Front End Clear Bra Protection: This is the minimum that we recommend for protection of your vehicle. The full front end approach minimizes any lines that would have been visible had we chose a half hood or fender approach. Included in this option are both side mirrors as well as the dished areas under the door handles.

Track Package Clear Bra Protection: This package is becoming very popular. We add protection to the A-pillars, leading roof edge, rockers, lower door sections and the section behind the rear wheels. Our track package not only protects your vehicle from rocks thrown by others, it also protects your vehicle from rocks thrown up by your own front/rear wheels.

Full Body Clear Bra Protection: This is the ultimate in protection for your vehicle. Having full body clear bra protection will give you piece of mind from almost any type of non-major impact of your factory painted body panels. Gone are the concerns of swirl marks by washing your car, bug acid etching, bird droppings, water etching, and last but not least those pesky rock chips.

Full Front End Clear Bra Protection

Track Package Clear Bra Protection

Full Body Clear Bra Protection
Time: Depends on Amount of Vehicle Covered
  *Authorized Modesta Glass Coating installer.
  *Authorized Nanolex Coating installer.

Are you looking for more gloss and luster from your vehicle's paint? Why not make it easier to clean as well? By choosing Modesta or Nanolex for your vehicle you are adding an extra layer of protection to your paint. These coatings can even be added on top of our clear bra protection!

Modesta and Nanolex pure glass coatings offer modified refractive properties to your paint along with superior protection when compared to a wax or sealant. Having your painted vehicle coated with Modesta or Nanolex products will make it easier to clean and look better for years to come.

We also offer Modesta wheel and brake caliper coating service to protect them from harsh brake dust and road grime. See our Wheels & Brakes page for more information!